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Connect-TCM – Telemarketing Campaign Management Software

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A fit for purpose telesales or telemarketing campaign management software as a service.

Built from over 25 years worth of experience gathered from over 7000 client campaigns of every type.

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What is it?

Connect TCM is a fit for purpose call centre software that was developed over 25 years in a telecoms environment. It can link to a telephone system or VOIP telephony (subject to suitability) to give you click to dial functionality. It will manage multiple telemarketing campaigns effortlessly and produce reports at the touch of a button, based on the answers to the campaign questionnaires. Email fulfilment, sales leads and appointments are also created from within the system without distracting agents from their calls.

Who should use it?

The technology is designed for any telesales/telemarketing operation or internal team that needs structure, great productivity or lead generation software. The transparency & reporting that the system provides is unrivalled, allowing you to achieve the best results from phone based sales or marketing.

How does it work?

The sales software works as a web based technology that uses a prioritised calling list linked to a campaign questionnaire with agents allocated data for each calling campaign or long term sales project. Data can be fed in via a spreadsheet or linked to Salesforce via an API.

What our clients say

Any questions? Get in touch and we'll be happy to help.